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It is only natural for new and potential clients to have a few questions, so below you will find a small selection, if the answer to your question does not appear simply call us, after all we are a people business and it’s always great to hear a voice!.

I am really interested in your services, what do I have to do and what do you want from me in order to get my new web site live?

One of the most important parts of your web site will be the images of your accommodation, therefore we will require as many images as you can send, we suggest a minimum of six and a maximum of 20. Each image should ideally be 640 x 480 pixels in size, when taken on a digital camera the file size per image should be around 650KB. Your home page is also extremely important and we would ask you to write a brief introduction to your web site. Any other information can be taken over the telephone.

I have a web site at present but it is out of date and looks old, is it easy to transfer / upgrade and what do I have to do?

Firstly, makeovers (as they are known) are very straightforward, so taking current data and new data is the first step, followed by putting this data into the new look web site format that you choose. In most cases we do this first and create your new look site for you to preview without affecting you current web site. Once you are happy with your new look web site we then move the hosting of your web site to our UK based servers. In order to do so there are minor changes needed to your current hosting package, we can do these quite easily for you or you can follow simple instructions and do it yourself, this might sound complicated but it is actually extremely simple and straightforward.

What pages do your company compile, i.e. what don’t I have to do?

Once you agree to have your web site created we will telephone you and take some basic details about the accommodation, please note that before the site goes fully live you will be asked to review the contents and any changes that can be made will be done. In essence apart from the home page, images and possibly the attractions page, we will do everything else for you.

I don’t have many images, what should I do?

Accommodation images are the most important, images for scenery, activities and local attractions can be obtained from our image library. If you do not have a digital camera or are unsure how to email these please ask a friend or even ourselves, we will assist wherever possible. Your may wish to view our photograpy page.

The price, why are your prices so competitive, other companies charge a lot more?

In simple terms we explode with myth in terms of web site design costs. What we do is quite straightforward and we are proficient in design, we give our clients a huge choice of templates and as such the work time in creating your own site from one of our templates requires a lot less work when compared to creating a unique site. Our overheads are minimal as our offices form part of our residence, thus passing the savings onto our clients.

What ongoing costs are there?

Apart from your annual hosting charge of £49.00 and the domain renewal after two years (£26.00) there are no other charges. We allow our clients one update per month which is included in our price of £183.40.

How do I pay for your service and when?

Our terms of payment are quite simple and more than fair, we do not ask for a deposit or any advance payment, all we ask is that your forward payment the day you web site goes live. Payment can be by cheque, Paypal or by direct transfer to our bank account.

How do I update my web site?

As you are allowed one update per month there is no need for you to make updates, we do it for you. If you expressly wish to have full control then we can supply the required software to you, prices of which can be found in our optional extras section on our prices page.

Can I add extra pages if I wish to?

Yes you can, this does require a small amount of work on our part for which there is a nominal charge, again details can be found in our optional extras section on our prices page.

I have a web domain and an old web site, how do you manage the transfer of information to my new web site?

This might sound a complicated process but in truth it is very straightforward. All that is required is that the domain (  is transferred to our hosting company, this is a process which we will request and you must agree to, full details and instructions will be given prior to your new web site going fully live.

Will moving my domain affect my emails?

Yes it will, before your domain is transferred please ensure you have kept a copy of all emails in your inbox. Once the domain transfer is complete your email will function again as normal.

How do I access my emails?

In most cases it will be just as before, your email can be delivered to any standard email programme. If required your email can be forwarded or re routed to any email address of your choosing, therefore, as an example, can be sent to a hotmail, btinternet, tiscali address, or basically any address of your choosing.