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Mobile Compatible

Before the advent of mobile phone technology, your website was just termed a website. Nowadays, we can make a distinction in terminology between sites designed to be viewed via a desktop or laptop computer and those viewed via mobile devices (e.g., Apple iPhone, Blackberry, and other "Android" or "Windows Mobile"-based Smart phones). We call these desktop sites and mobile sites.

Mobile sites are distinct from desktop sites, as their pages are designed with easy reading in mind despite the Smart phone's smaller screen size. Not only is the page size reduced, but the general page design is simplified; the page will autoscale to the phone's screen dimensions.

Should you require your site to be mobile compatible you will have to have a separate “mobile” site constructed, the size of which will differ from your standard web site. Typically, sites viewed via a desktop or laptop are in the region of 1000 pixels wide, whereas a mobile site should be no more than 350 pixels wide.

We can create this via the software we use, however this will require all the content to be more condensed and the images will be resized to the width of the page. We then insert an instruction into the home page of your site. When your site is accessed via a browser, the code inserted will detect the type of device that is attempting to view the web page, and will display the page that is pertinent to the said device.

For this service we charge a one off fee of £115.00 to create a duplicate mobile site. There is no extra charge for hosting.