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About Us

Our company was formed in May 2005 however web design was not our initial core business, at the time our focus was to develop an online accommodation finding service, this business is still in operation today.

As we began to attract clients we quickly discovered that our client base consisted of many customer’s with outdated and low impact websites, as such we recognised the demand and need for a service that not only delivered outstanding websites, but did so at prices that were extremely competitive within a market place that traditionally commanded high rates for the work involved.

Using our skills and the briefs from our clients, we began to create user experiences that are intelligent, consistent and unified, thus transforming numerous business strategies into creative and informative websites and page designs that achieve emotional customer connections, by doing so we brought to life the unique stories and ideas behind various products and services, engaging people emotionally and ultimately persuading consumers when a choice needs to be made.

Since 2005 we have created countless websites for customers in numerous countries, our designs consist of simple brochure type sites through to complex e-commerce solutions, in short, if technology allows it then we can build it.

Accommodation Websites was formed in 2013 following an extensive market research programme we undertook within the UK and US markets.

We identified that countless accommodation providers had outdated and poorly optimised websites, due to a downturn in the economy the general feeling amongst the businesses was that, whilst an effective web presence was paramount, additional investment could not be justified at the rates many companies charged.

The question was then asked, what if it could be done at rates that were attractive?

As a result of the answers we were given, Accommodation Websites was born.